LAUNCHER Learn About the Universe 'Nd its Conquest by Humanity Employing Rockets
About this Course If you landed here, it’s that you are interested about the conquest of space, and by our beautiful City of Lights! During this course, you will discover the French way of living, join exciting classes in one of the top French Engineering Schools.
We are thrilled to make you discover our school ENSTA Paris and our lovely campus, and to meet you to share the BEST spirit!
Our organisation team is going all out on the preparation of this course to make sure you will never forget your stay with us ;)
The Schedule
Here you can find the schedule of the activities and courses ! It might change due to unpredictable reasons such as parisian's weather, shark attack or shortage of croissants. Survival Guide
Download it Never went to France ? First Course ever ? Don’t worry because we prepared for this occasion the best Survival Guide which will not only give you useful and down to earth advice, but at the same time initiate you to our wonderful culture of cheese and wine :D
Read it carrefully as some questions of your final exam may be hidden in the it !
About ENSTA Paris Originally founded in 1741, ENSTA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées) is today one of the top French institutes of higher education in engineering. Its students are selected from among the brightest science students. ENSTA offers a comprehensive scientific education, training in a broad range of technological areas, as well as in the management skills necessary to the engineer. ENSTA’s laboratories, equipped with excellent facilities, perform top-level fundamental and applied research. Our recent collaboration with other engineering’s schools created the “Institut Polytechnique de Paris”, with a lot of universities such as Polytechnique or Telecom Paris.
Hoping to see you soon ~
The organisation team